Sunday, 15 August 2021

Living a Life in Leather

Are you comfortable living your life in leather and putting leather pants, shirt, gloves and jacket on in the morning and spending a whole day at work in full leather? Or are you more prone to wearing leather at home and only on occasion when you go out with your friends for a night on the town?
Unfortunately, my work does not actually allow me to dress up in full leather every day, but on the other hand, I am able to find even greater joy on those occasions when I get to gear up in my full black leather attire and ridge my hog into the sunset.

I've always been a fan of motorcycles and naturally leather. As I grew older my affection for leather only grew as did my wish to get the crème of the crop among motorcycles - a Harley. I remember being 17, working part-time as a student and my only wish was to get myself my very first own leather jacket. I was 13 or 14 when my uncle passed one down onto me, but it was not the same. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - it's just about the whole experience of entering a leather store, being a teenager, and being immediately thrown aback by the perfect smell of leather, then seeing it all shiny on the store racks and you feel like you've come to heaven. I don't know about you, but the first couple of times I entered a leather store I was looking over my shoulder the entire time since I felt like I was doing something wrong. There's no need for me to say how hard my heart was pounding when I first found myself among all those leather jackets, leather pants, boots, etc. Needless to say I wanted to try them all on. Just slipping into the changing area felt awesome and sliding my first pair of tight leather pants on was an exceptional experience as well.

Nowadays I try to be in leather as much as I can. My occupation does not make it possible for me to dress up in leather for work, yet on the other hand I am lucky enough to be wearing leather boots and leather gloves at work. And that gives me that special feeling every day, especially when putting on my gloves and going out into the field each and every day. When I'm home and when the weather permits it, I tend to take advantage of every option of riding my motorcycle. I put on my leather pants, leather jacket, gloves and ride into freedom. Yes, you've guessed it - sometimes I even forget to put on my boxers, so I'm sitting in my leather pants with my ass directly on the leathered seat of my Harley - there's no greater feeling in the world. And accompanied with a biker leather jacket and some tight leather gloves, when I can smell only the fresh air of nature and the leather covering my skin.

I have eight or nine leather jackets at the moment, half of them are mainly used for riding. I also have three pairs of leather pants, all used for riding as well as everyday use. I also have over ten pairs of leather gloves and one leather t-shirt, one leather shirt, a couple of pairs of leather boots, chaps, etc. I love to wear leather even when I'm not riding my bike and even when I'm at home. Some people say that leather is awkward feeling, hot, yet I don't think so. I believe that if you get yourself something you like, you find comfortable and it feels like your second skin, just wear it anytime you wish.

If you are looking for some new leather items, be sure to check out these leather websites:

How about you? What do you have of leather? What is the next leather item you want to purchase? How much money do you usually spend for the purchase of leather items?

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Saturday, 14 December 2019

New Men's Leather Jackets, Pants, Gloves - Fresh, Modern and Sexy Men in Leather

It is that time of the year once again. The end of the year is quickly closing in on us, which makes this a perfect time to decide to refresh your wardrobe with some new items from the Men's Leather Fashion Wardrobe. One of the best things about winter is that we get to wear leather more often, just think about being dressed in full black leather, pants, jacket and gloves, strolling down the street while small snowflakes keep falling down on your shiny black leather outfit.

This is my favourite Men's Biker Leather Jacket. High quality leather, all shiny, perfect stitches, lots of metal zippers and chains, making it the perfect outfit to wear everyday and feel sexy every second of every day.

I have made it a tradition to treat myself to some new leathers at least once a year, which usually falls exactly on the last month of the year. I believe the winter months to be the best time of the year to add some new items to my leather wardrobe. There is a greater selection of leather jackets, pants and gloves in the winter months and the prices tend to be slightly lower than during the season.

There is no secret that my favourite leather jackets are biker and/or rock'n'roll leather jackets. There is just something special, something I immediately notice when walking down the street, if there is a guy sporting that kind of a jacket. It has something to do with the dangerous look, marked by tight, shiny (preferrably) black leather and lots of shiny, steel zippers and pockets that grace a man, especially if that man has a great athletic look, dashing good looks and yes it helps if he is confident and knows how to wear leather.

Click to see another great Men's Leather Jacket (link) perfect for every true leatherman. Great price for great quality! Treat yourself to a perfect jacket to wear to work, school, rock concert or just a night out on the town with your friends.

I also enjoy wearing leather pants - who doesn't, right? When it comes to such pants, I always say that men's leather pants must be tight enough to accentuate a guy's ass, his thighs and his entire outlook. It is almost nothing sexier than seeing a sexy guy strolling down the street, with shiny leather pants glistening in the sun. I believe that all real men should wear leather pants, something which I find a sign of real confidence in one own's look and a symbol of one's self-esteem. Many straight guys are reluctant to wear leather pants, saying that they would be seen by others as gay; to all those I'd say, don't be jealous if you believe you cannot pull off leather pants and let those, who can, enjoy their lives in leather.

By clicking on the link, check out by far my favourite pair of Men's Leather Pants (link) as they perfectly accentuate a guy's ass, are super fit to the thighs and make it a perfect choice to wear while riding a bike or just trying to impress someone by showing off how well you can wear such sexy men's leather pants.

Men's leather gloves may be some of the smallest leather items to wear, yet, they can be very appealling and even sexual. Whenever I put my gloves on, I feel elegant and kind of dangerous, I cannot explain it exactly why, I just do. I wear leather gloves from autumn to spring, when I'm riding my bike and when I'm driving my car, I feel they are an absolutely necessary accessory for every guy who wants to be sexy every day.

As I mentioned, leather gloves must be as tight and shiny as possible, so here is my favourite pair of men's leather gloves (link). Soft, elegant, sexy.

Once again all the links to my favourite leather items in one place:
Men's Biker Leather Jacket
Another Sexy Men's Leather Jacket 
Men's Leather Pants
Men's leather Gloves
Men's Leather Boots
Men's Leather Shirt

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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Gerard Butler in Leather

Gerard Butler in brown leather jacket and tight jeans

Gerard Butler in black leather pants
Gerard Butler is the Scottish born Hollywood superstar who spent his youth in Canada. He shot to fame in Europe with some smaller roles, while his Hollywood career started with the blockbuster Reign of Fire in which he starred alongside Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale. His other popular movies are Tomb Raider, 300 – in which he showed off his buff and muscular body, P.S. I love you, RocknRolla, Law Abiding Citizen – in which he shows of his bare ass, The Bounty Hunter, and probably his most known role in Olympus has Fallen. 

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Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket on a Harley
Although he has worn leather pants only for a photoshoot or two, he is well known for his love of leather, especially leather jackets. If you google Gerard Butler in leather, you’ll find literally thousands of photos of him in different leather jackets, I counted over 30 different styles of leather jackets that he has worn over the past decade or two. On top of it all Gerard Butler looks really hot riding his motorcycle, Harley Davidson.

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket on a bike

Check out more Photos of Gerard Butler in leather:
Photo 7

Gerard Butler grabbing his crotch

Check out some videos of Gerard Butler in leather:
Video 3

Gerard Butler is also a huge motorcycle enthusiast and as such he is often seen wearing leather, even leather jeans. If you would like to see more of Gerard on his bike and in his leather jeans check out the video here.


Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket with a motorcycle helmet

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket & Aaron Eckhart in a black leather jacket

Gerard Butler in an orange leather jacket
Photo: Gerard Butler in a brown leather jacket on a Harley

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket

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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Stephen Amell in Leather / The Green Arrow in Leather

Photo: Stephen Amell in a black biker leather jacket with Grant Gustin in a black biker leather jacket

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor who shot to fame with his role of a gigolo on the 3rd season of critically acclaimed series Hung, and acquired a huge fan following with his role on the CW hit show Arrow, which is currently in its 4th season.   He was also in Private Practice and a couple of movies.

We could say that he has a large gay following, which is probably due to his amazing good looks, charm and yes, he looks amazing in leather – whether it be just a simple black leather jacket, or the Green Arrow leather costume, Stephen Amell in leather is a sight for sore eyes! Apart from the Arrow leather costume Stephen Amell wears on his show, he has been introduced to the gay fans already in the past, as he guest starred on a gay series Dante's Cove.

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He is known for his amazing abs, since he tends and probably needs to work hard to look so good on the show. Apart from parading around in tight leathers, he can been see flashing his abs and muscles in different scenes on the show.

Stephen Amell has never been secretive of his affection for wrestling, fitness training, as he is considered one of the fittest actors in Hollywood. And luckily for us, he is prone to wearing loads of leather, not only on his show - Arrow - but also in everyday life and oh yes, also during his wrestling matches, as you can see in this photo. For more on Stephen Amell in leather during his wrestling matches click on the link for the video below.

Check out Stephen Amell in black leather pants during his wrestling match HERE.

If you are not watching Arrow, you are truly missing out, not only on an action-packed TV-series, but also on the hunkiness and sexiness of the show's main star – Stephen Amell!

Photo: Stephen Amell in a black biker leather jacket with black leather gloves




Check out PHOTOS of Stephen Amell in leather:

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