Monday, 31 October 2016

Dressing Up in Leather for Halloween

There is a common belief that we, the gays, love Halloween. Well, that may be true for many of my friends, but I don’t count myself as being especially fond of Halloween, as I think of it only as a made-up celebration of the consumer culture. Nevertheless, I take advantage of this “holiday” to dress up in different layers of leather, either that be my biker leathers or my uniform leathers which gives me that extra sense of sexiness. There is just something special and mysterious about leather (cop) uniforms which give me extra self-esteem and “power”.

Over the last several years I’ve sported my biker leathers, equipped with gloves, boots, jacket, pants, chaps etc., one year I borrowed a leather cop uniform in blue from my friend, while one other year I went in tight black leathers dressed as a rocker. I don’t need to tell you how excited I was, sporting my different leathers in front of many people, feeling “the change” in my pants as I saw guys checking me out and some even grabbing my tight leathered ass.

Do you take advantage of Halloween and dress up in leather? What leathers have you put on for Halloween in the past? What will you wear for Halloween this year?

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