Saturday, 20 August 2016

Should I Wear Full Leather Outside?

Well, if you are a true leather lover, confident and a person who doesn’t stress too much about what other people are thinking and how they perceive you, then the answer is obvious – yes, without a doubt! I remember when I first started wearing leather more seriously – and I’m not talking just about dressing up in a full leather gear to ride my bike, but more about putting on leather pants in a combination with my leather jacket when my friends and I went partying – how low my self-esteem was and I was not willing and ready to show myself in full leather, fearing how others may look at me or comment on my attire. But with time I grew out of that phase. Now, I cannot imagine myself going out at least in my leather jacket and at least a couple of times in my leather pants. I just grew so fond of my leather that I try to wear it anywhere and anytime that is possible. 

Weather and occasion permitting I now always wear one of my numerous leather jackets when I go out, on occasion I wear my leather pants to movies or when I go out with my friends.

How often do you wear leather? Which leather clothes do you wear to work/school or when you go out?

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