Thursday, 4 August 2016

My First Leather Experience

I am not completely sure how I first came in contact with leather, since I have been a huge fan of leather since I can remember. First of course secretly, fearing to show how much I appreciate and love wearing leather. 

Well, I think my uncle is to blame for me coming into contact with leather at a young age, I believe I was eight or nine and I remember my uncle coming to our place dressed in full leather on his Harley. Although I was pretty young, I immediately knew I wanted to be like him, a biker with a big bike and especially dressed in dark black leathers. A dream which over the years became a reality. It was a couple of years later, I believe I was thirteen or fourteen, when he first took me for a spin on his Harley. And it was like a fantasy for me – I remember almost trembling getting on his Harley, putting my hands first on the bike and then around his waist in a leather jacket. I am not sure whether it was me fearing how fast we were going on his bike or maybe fearing even more he noticed how much I enjoy touching those fine leathers he was wearing. 

After that bike ride I knew I had to get some leather ASAP so I started pestering my mom to get me that biker leather jacket.

I love these leather items:

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  1. I love your story-telling. Hope to see more!!!


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