Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cruising on a Motorcycle in Full Leather


I got my license to ride a motorbike at an age of 17 and ever since then I have been riding bikes, first smaller ones, nowadays more my Harley, since I feel that there is nothing better and more freeing than cruising on a long winding road in full black leather, pushing my hog to the limit while admiring the wonderful surrounding nature. 

Sometimes I ride my bike with my friends, but most of the time I ride alone, since I prefer being alone with my bike and my thoughts, not stressing about being in a hurry and always pacing my riding day to my preferences, not being limited by others.

Hopping on my bike has become a truly satisfying routine for me, since I really enjoy putting on my leather pants, oiling them up, to preserve leather's shiny outlook, sometimes even putting my leather chaps over them and of course the obligatory biker leather jacket with lots of zippers and leather gloves. When I am dressed in full black leather and all ready to jump on my bike, an amazing feeling comes over me, I feel confident, sexy and full of self-esteem. I almost feel invincible and ready to take on the world. 

Yes, you’ve guessed it – I could be in leather and on my bike all day every day. I love it so much. And it beats every summer vacation just lying on the beach for ten days straight. I prefer hopping on my bike, riding to a new place each day and just enjoy my freedom.

I love these leather items:

How often do you wear leather? Do you have a motorbike? Do you wear leather on your motorcycle?

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