Saturday, 30 July 2016

Leather as a Popular Fetish within the Gay Community


Leather. The biggest fetish I have and certainly one of the most popular, beloved and widespread fetishes all around, especially within the gay community. Why leather, you ask? Well, as with most things in life, every single person has their own preferences and reason for loving or hating something. In this case – with leather – the most popular answers to the question why one loves leather are: shiny look, smell, combination of leather and zippers, dark and mysterious look of leather giving the wearer a sense of mysteriousness and domination, etc.

Many would say that it is not all just in leather but more in the person who wears it and the way the leather-wearer acts in leather. Many leather fans associate leather with domination, feeling of danger and mystery and we all know that we are attracted to things and people that are not just at the reach of our hand, something we need to work for.

Personally, I like and love leather ever since I can remember. I guess I was 11 or 12 years old when I discovered that I like shiny leather, especially in black colour. I remember my mum buying me teenage magazines with lots of rockers and actors wearing leather. At that time I did not know whether it was the guys, the leather or the guys in leather that I loved so much. Now I can safely say that it was the combination of leather and sexy guys wearing it that attracted me. 

I’ve got my first leather item at the age of 12 or 13. It was a hand-me-down leather jacket I got from my uncle – it was dark brown, old aviator leather jacket. Although if I think about it today, I remember it as being worn-out and rugged, I still loved it. I remember wearing it in secret when I was home alone or when we were all at home and just before heading to bed I put it on me and snuck under the covers just so that I could feel the soft leather against my skin. Weird, right? 

My first very own leather jacket I got at 14. I remember pestering and getting on my mother’s nerve with constant begging and nagging to get me that very much craved-after Men's Rocker Leather Jacket. I remember going to the shopping mall with my mum, who insisted on going with me, just so that I wouldn’t buy anything stupid or over-expensive, and how I was trembling all over, fearing she might find out why I really wanted that jacket and how much I love leather and yes, fearing she would find out I am gay. She wanted me to opt for a “regular” black leather jacket with one zipper, but after persuading her that I really wanted a rocker one, she finally gave in. So I got a brand new rocker leather jacket in black, with lots of zippers – and I still have it, I just don’t want to part ways with it, although I have plenty more in my wardrobe.

My Favourite Leather Wardrobe:

How about you? How did you learn you loved leather? When did you get your first leatherjacket, pants, gloves...?