Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Actors in Leather

Actors in Leather are Hot!

Actors in leather, black leather, are super hot. That is a fact. And seeing all those sexy actors in hot leather on the big screen makes our hearts skip a couple of beats. Leather in movies is hot!
Leather goes hand in hand with characters that actors usually portray, especially in thriller or action packed movies. There is almost no action movie out there which does not have guys sporting leather jackets or even leather pants. Just think of let's say Vin Diesel, Nicolas Cage or even Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck who wear at least a leather jacket in almost every movie they appear in.

Actors are the Most Popular Celebrities

It seems that we all have our favourite actors, who we love and look up to. I guess it is for the same reason we watch and love movies, they help us escape our realities for two hours or more. And their main heroes are actors who portray people that we strive towards being ourselves.
We all watch movies and we all have our favourites. Speaking personally I love thrillers and action movies which in effect also means that I love actors who are more action-oriented, bad boys, with guns, motorcycles, etc.
Actors are also those celebrities who are photographed by the paparazzi the most. It hardly passes a week that we don't hear of let's say Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck or one of the Hemsworth brothers. Paparazzi are also preying on them. And they are not the only ones to blame, since we buy magazine or look at the photos of actors online and in a way influence their taking more and more photos.

David Boreanaz as a LeatherGod

David Boreanaz is regarded as one of the most popular and the hunkiest Hollywood actors of this time. He is the star of the hit Fox series Bones, and a star of the former hit series, Angel. In his current series, Bones, he plays an FBI agent, who is in love with the lead female character. In the series he wears leather jackets quite a lot and looks absolutely smashing in them.
In his other roles, such as in Angel or some of his movie roles, David can be seen sporting lots of leather jackets, even leather coats and leather gloves as well as leather pants. David showed his love for leather pants also when he was seen on several occasions wearing leather pants to various events.

Matthew McConaughey as a LeatherGod

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most popular Hollywood actors. He is extremely popular among women of all ages, as well as men, straight and gay. Straight guys like him, because he is an all-American guy, relaxed, always approachable and guys just want to be like him. Gays love him for his looks, his witty Texan accent and his world-known body and muscles.
He is also regarded as one of the biggest Hollywood party-guys. And on many occasions he has shown his love or even fetish for leather. Over the last couple of years he was seen wearing tens, if not even a hundred, different leather jackets, but more so he is extremely popular among gay men for his love of leather pants and leather chaps. In the last decade he wore black and brown leather pants and he shot to fame as a leather-star with his last year's movie, Magic Mike in which he appeared sporting self-fashioned black leather chaps and a black leather vest. And not only that, he can been seen dancing as a stripper, parading around in leather and showing off his well-toned body in the movie. If you still haven't seen it yet, you should really watch it.

Which Hollaywood Actors are Best Known for their Love of Leather?

There are a couple which are known in Hollywood and all around the world for loving to wear leather, not only jackets, but also gloves and even pants. When talking about leather pants, it seems that they have been the it-item to have over the last couple of years.
For his love of leather gloves, especially tight black leather gloves, Adrien Brody is best known. He had a period of couple of years when he wore leather gloves to almost every event he attended. Although he is not a classically sexy male actor, he does have his charm and he looks amazing in leather.
Another popular actor, who truly loves his leathers, and has on many occasions professed his fondness of Elvis Presley, is Nicolas Cage. On top of it all, he is also a biker and has appeared in numerous movies, where he wore nothing but black leather and rode motorcycles, just think of the Ghost Rider movie franchise.
A couple more actors who look amazing in leather and wear it also in their free time are: Ben Affleck, known for his role of DareDevil, where he wore a red full-leathered suits; Tom Cruise, who is the main Hollywood action star and who wears leather jackets in every movie he appears in - in Rock of Ages he can even be seen sporting black leather pants. Yeah I know, Tom Cruise in leather pants? Hot! Other actors who love their leathers are: David Boreanaz, David Duchovny, Dylan McDermott, both Hemsworth brothers, Tom Hardy, Vin Diesel, and may more!

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