Saturday, 1 August 2015

Blog Posting no. 7: Life of Leather Lovers

If you found your way to this blog dedicated to leather lovers, leathermen and leather enthusiasts from all over the world, it probably means that you are a leather fan yourself. Either you are a fan of leather only in the sense that you enjoy seeing it worn by others or if you prefer to only work a leather jacket or leather blazer in order not to stand out too much in the crowd, or if you are like me any you want to wear leather all the time, even to bed, if possible. 


In my experience, if money permits, real leather lovers and enthusiasts don't just own one leather jacket and one pair of leather gloves, as their leather wardrobe probably covers a wide range of leather items, extending from numerous leather jackets to several leather pants, gloves, vest, shirts, boots and much more. 

Although leather may be construed by many people (undeservingly) as worn only by gay people, real leather fans come in all shapes and sizes, from men to women, gay to straight, young and old.
I especially enjoy seeing cute guys wearing either a full leather attire, including pants, jackets and gloves, or some sort of a combination of leather with jeans on a cute guy. Granted, on the other hand, some guys just go overboard, and dress up in layers of leather, which I don't like especially.


What leather do you own? How many leather jackets and pants do you have? What is your favourite leather item? How do you usually combine your leather clothes with other types of clothing?


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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Blog Posting no. 6: Gerard Butler in Leather

Gerard Butler in brown leather jacket and tight jeans

Gerard Butler in black leather pants

Gerard Butler is the Scottish born Hollywood superstar who spent his youth in Canada. He shot to fame in Europe with some smaller roles, while his Hollywood career started with the blockbuster Reign of Fire in which he starred alongside Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale. His other popular movies are Tomb Raider, 300 – in which he showed off his buff and muscular body, P.S. I love you, RocknRolla, Law Abiding Citizen – in which he shows of his bare ass, The Bounty Hunter, and probably his most known role in Olympus has Fallen.

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket on a Harley
Although he has worn leather pants only for a photoshoot or two, he is well known for his love of leather, especially leather jackets. If you google Gerard Butler in leather, you’ll find literally thousands of photos of him in different leather jackets, I counted over 30 different styles of leather jackets that he has worn over the past decade or two. On top of it all Gerard Butler looks really hot riding his motorcycle, Harley Davidson.

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket on a bike

Check out more Photos of Gerard Butler in leather:
Photo 7

Gerard Butler grabbing his crotch

Check out some videos of Gerard Butler in leather:


Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket with a motorcycle helmet

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket & Aaron Eckhart in a black leather jacket

Gerard Butler in an orange leather jacket

Gerard Butler in a black leather jacket

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Blog Posting no. 5: Chris Hemsworth Leather in Thor & Huntsman

Chris Hemsworth in a black biker leather jacket
Chris Hemsworth in leather pants

Chris Hemsworth is one of the best known and most popular actors in the world. The Australian born actor, who has shot to fame alongside with his brother Liam Hemsworth.  Chris starred in movies A Perfect Getaway, The Cabin in the Woods, Thor, The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, Blackhat, etc. 

If you are a fan of Chris Hemsworth, then you already know that he wore tight black leather pants in Snow White and the Huntsman, as well as in Thor, where he also sported his big muscles. He is known for being a very funny and nice guy, always taking time out for his fans. In his free time he also enjoys sporting various leather jackets.

Chris Hemsworth in a leather jacket on a motorcycle

If you are into breezy, sweet, masculine and muscular Australian guys, then the Hemsworth brothers are just the right choice for you.And who could have forget those sweet and wavy hair in combination with the most beautiful blue eyes ...

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Chris Hemsworth leather jacket & sunglasses

Chris Hemsworth in a black biker leather jacket: Video 1
Chris Hemsworth interview in a black leather jacket: Video 2

Chris Hemsworth in a leather jacket

Chris Hemsworth leather jacket